David English Illustrator

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In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s I was a student at Croydon Art College and then, after National Service, I studied at the Royal College of Art. I have been in the commercial art business ever since.

Prior to becoming a freelance artist in the mid 1970’s, I was an Art Director at
J Walter Thompson and Davidson Pearce Advertising agencies. Then I worked as a partner in a creative consultancy, Best and English.

All through my advertising career I have been drawing cartoons and now I am a full-time cartoonist for magazines, caricatures, advertising, story-books and general publishing.

I have a passion for woodcuts. I did my first when I was 18 but because of work commitments I was unable to do any until recently. I love blues music and feel that the woodcut medium perfectly illustrates the rawness, simplicity and the nitty-gritty of the blues.

This website shows some examples of my work. For more information or commissions please contact me using the web form on the contact page of this website.
David English Illustrator
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